60 pt. Home Inspection

Swimming Pools & Spas

Swimming pools and spas have complex equipment and components, all of which requires on-going maintenance and attention.  In addition, there are many safety features now required to keep your pool area as safe as it can be.  We are certified in pool & spa inspection and can provide you with a current performance diagnosis.

Utilizing the latest high-tech equipment

  Thermal Imaging

It's no secret that North Texas is known for its expansive clay soil.  With a potential vertical rise (PVR) of 6, the soil under your foundation can lift and settle up to 6" in the typical seasonal climate cycle.  A Zip-Level altimeter can measure precise floor level deviations, and inform you if the foundation is fluctuating evenly or not.
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   Framing / Foundation Analysis

With the latest thermal imaging technology from Flir, we can uncover what others cannot.  We look for hidden heat patterns behind walls and panels, which could signal energy waste or electrical safety concerns.  We seek out cool patterns, which could indicate hidden plumbing issues, potential leaks and more.
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We inspect every home from top to bottom, inside and out.  While no inspection could ever be exhaustive, we go well beyond the minimum standards of practice, as defined and regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).

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